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Book lovers often look to the opinion of established industry professionals to determine what to read or purchase next-and these recommendations usually come in the form of book reviews.

Why should you get your book reviewed?
  • To get an analysis of your book's strengths and areas for improvement
  • To test the waters while giving your book additional exposure and visibility
  • To gauge your book's potential in the marketplace

  • In the past, getting a book review was perhaps one of the most challenging tasks of self-published author-but not anymore. WingBizz Book Review service gives self-published authors access to a review programme by one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

    Access to a Reputable Book Review Service

    For more than a decade, WingBizz has given self-published authors the opportunity to get their books reviewed.

    An Unbiased Critique of Your Work

    You get an honest and unbiased assessment of your book that can range from positive, negative, to neutral.

    Added Marketability for Your Book

    A positive book review means endorsement from literary experts-and this can be a marketing tool in itself.

    A Stamp of Credibility

    Add credibility to both your work and your reputation as an author by including an excerpt from the review on the most visible part of your book, its cover.

    More Exposure Through Ads

    A single slot ad of your book (1 out of 8) will be included in a full colour catalogue sent to wingbizz' database of industry influencers looking for books to acquire or feature.

    Interview set a new platform

    The most interesting things it is how it has been written by the author. What are those behind the stories, We take interest in conducting Author Interviews

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