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"You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything." your book sell will depend upon your good promotion and marketing Focus on your marketing and promotions plans. "Make your marketing so useful people would pay you for it." For more suggestion

Review and Interview for Authors

Book Reviews are the greatest tools to find the quality of the book. Being a reader, you will look for the best rather trying for a book by purchasing it. We will let you know what you must read and what you must not. The most interesting things of the book is not what is written inside, rather, it is how it has been written by the author. What are those behind the stories.

Designing and Editing Service

A great book cover design is your best sales tool.A professionally designed cover will instantly (and attractively) convey the essence of what your book is about. A well-formatted and designed book is critical to your success as an author.

Best Promotion and Marketing Plans

"The aim of Promoton and marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology. Social media is the best platform for marketing now.

New! Book Marketing & Consultation Services

Increase your book's discoverability and sales opportunities with professional guidance. We have complete solutions for the authors. We provide vision and intelligence to develop digital marketing strategies which brings you closer to your target audience

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We provide website and aggressive marketing assistance at unbeatable cost. We are an steemed organization based in India which specially focuses on complete author solutions.

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"Marketing a new product in today's highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any new or old Author's. The volatile condition of the market and a highly informed and spoiled for choice customer base in the area make it a specialized task to position your book for both maximum visibility and enhanced respect among the customers."

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Ways to Increase Your Book Sales

We offer Genuine Marketing strategies, on every possible platform which helps to showcase the book, sample chapters, fliers, poster, banner, flex etc. we offer marketing with a vast number of reviewers, interviewers, bloggers, graphic designers, static & dynamic websites, video trailers, Social media campaigning via contest, events, quiz, and marketing experts working together to promote short story books, novels, and other fictional and non-fictional books. Providing effective Book Marketing services at affordable price.

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. Writing your book is only the first step in the book making process, but hard work comes when you try to sell it to your audience. Defining your target group is not enough. You have to guide them to find your book. And how will they find your book? You need to build a strong web presence."

If you have a website or a blog use it to promote your book to generate leads and drive traffic by displaying your book on the home page. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Goodreads can help you to interact with your audience. Make sure you have regular updates on your social media sites and provide useful content to your readers. For many self-published authors, book marketing can be intimidating. But if it's your goal to reach readers other than friends and family, then self-promotion is a must. Just like learning to write well and honing your craft, marketing also takes education and preparation - but WingBizz is here to help. Whether you're just beginning to form your marketing plan, or if it's already in full swing, browse the articles below for book marketing tips on everything from publicity to social media.

Book Reviews

Book reviewers are INFLUENCERS. Meaning, they can have a direct impact on sales to larger clusters of readers, as opposed to finding one good reader at a time. Of course, like competitions, not all book reviews are created equal. Our Winner Circle features only the best of the thousands of review sites out there, rated by traffic and following, and pre-sorted into genres so you don't have to spend hours searching what may or may not work best for YOUR book. As our team says, it's our way of "shrinking the web" down to just what you need as an author.

Social Media

Social media is the new way to reach a wider audience and it isn't going away anytime soon. Developing social media sites and finding loyal customers on Facebook and Twitter may be easier for some than others. But once you've built a following, how do you keep them engaged? Whether you have just a few fans and followers or a thousand, keeping them loyal is crucial to the success of your social media marketing strategy.You don't have to engage in every channel, but pick a few where your readers are most likely to congregate.

Author Website

One of the more effective, longer-term strategies to increase your sales is to create your own website. An author website is a must for authors today. The website doesn't just help you promote your book but it also helps you engage with your potential reader. Our full feature author website is the best marketing tool you can have. With blogging, social media integration and other cool features, your author website is a great way to engage and stay connected to your readers. Books - lists each of your titles and the links to buy them on various stores

Increases e-book sales

electronic publishing is the new generation of book publishing. While the Internet has expanded your marketing reach beyond physical and geographical borders, e-books are allowing you to put your story into the palm of your readers. No matter where they are around the world, readers and consumers can now purchase and enjoy downloaded copies of your book using mobile devices. If you want to take your book selling to the next level, consider giving e-book publishing a try to expand your reach.

Build up image as Author

Book buyers and readers gravitate to books-and authors-that appeal to them. The more you project yourself in a way that holds their attention, the more you gain their trust. Highlight the fact that you are now a published author. Add that to your email and forum signature lines. Don't forget to add your website or social media profiles to here, as well as to your press release boilerplates. These may be small things, but they're the building blocks to a positive image.

Video teaser on YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the planet and has more than 1 billion users browsing for videos related to every conceivable topic. A teaser is the first look your readers get of your book. A 30 to 60 second video teaser of your book will be created and distributed on YouTube. Digital Shareables help make your product or idea to go viral. We will create these. beautiful and fun book reveal videos for your book that will create curiosity and bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

Online Book Launch

The Digital Book Launch will help improve the discoverability of your book to your book specific target audience. The best part is, your readers now have the ability to order a copy of your book instantly at the click of a button. With book sales moving online to ecommerce platforms, a comprehensive digital launch of your book will enable you to reach your target audience at a fraction of the cost of a physical book launch.

Newspaper Author Interview

Newspaper Interviews are not just an integral part of your book's media publicity plan; they also help introduce you as an author to the world. especially in your hometown and where your story takes place. when you do get press - put the link or video up on your website and share on your social media outlets. This helps establish your credibility as an author and makes it easier for you to pitch the next market.

Identify target audience

Many authors make the mistake of thinking everyone is a potential reader, when in reality, some people are more likely to purchase the book than others. Would your book appeal more to females or males? What age range best represents your readers? Where do they live? What kind of activities do they pursue? The more you can narrow your focus, the easier it will be to locate your audience and promote your book

Don't give up, the beginning is always the hardest

"Promoting your book is not a task that you can do in a day, a week or even a month. Often, the fruits of your efforts won't be immediately evident. It takes time and persistence to get your book noticed. Be prepared for some rejection, but remember to celebrate every achievement."

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Link to your published books on social sites

Create a site page linking to your books to make it easy for readers to discover all the titles you've written. Include cover images, brief elevator pitches, and links to multiple retailers so readers can purchase your books wherever they shop.

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3rd-party review is important to successful

An honest and well-written 3rd-party review is invaluable. A positive review from a respected book reviewer will make your book stand out, improve its marketability and enhance your title's, as well as your, reputation.

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Successful Blogging to Promote Your Book

Blog writing is becoming increasingly beneficial to help writers better communicate with audiences in an inexpensive way. If used effectively, blogs can help you to successfully market your self-published book.

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